The North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is celebrating this year its 93rd anniversary. Everything began with the vision of Mr. Charles M. Pepper, who visited Chile in 1917.

The New York Times reported on November 5th of 1930 about Mr. Pepper: “In 1917 he went to Chile as the representative of American firms and companies engaged in Chilean trade and the development of that country’s mineral resources. The Chile-American Association was formed, owing to this visit, to promote better understanding between Chile and the United States and as an unofficial medium of intercourse.”

Summer 1918: Chile-American Association, Inc. (CAA) was founded by Charles M. Pepper. Mr. Pepper was the first president of the CAA from 1918 until his death in Nov 4th of 1930.

Lieut. Col. A. Kenny C. Palmer was the second director of the CAA from 1930 until August 28th of 1942.

September 2nd of 1975: the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (CACC) was incorporated in Delaware.

August 12th of 1977: CACC changed its name to North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (NACCC).

February 19th of 1980:  CAA & NACCC merged into NACCC